07:34 GMT24 November 2020
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    When you are spending time with friends and you feel that you are at a different level energetically this may be a problem.

    There is a video on Instagram showing a Shiba Inu lying on a couch, its eyes almost closed as the dog looks sleepy. 

    Suddenly another Shiba Inu appears from behind the sofa and...disappears, then it 'jumps up' again and starts 'dancing'.

    Make sure the sound on the video is on while you are watching because the background music adds a lot to this short film about friends who have different temperaments. 

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    Les amours de ma vie ❤ #shibainu #myloves #mylife #humour #dogs #puppy #confinement #j15

    Публикация от Marine Delmotte (@marinedlmotte)

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