01:37 GMT26 May 2020
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    Our canine friends love a lot of things: they love to play fetch, to catch a ball, to run around, to swim, and many of them chew and eat everything they see. But all doggos have another weak spot - their common love for belly rubs and being scratched by their humans!

    This golden retriever is more than happy now as it gets as many scratches as possible. The doggo is smiling and wagging its tail, showing the most joyous expression ever! So if you want to know how to show your dog you love it - just scratch it, and provide a tonne of belly rubs - and the result will undoubtedly be the same.

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    When your masseuse hits justttt the right spot 🍑🤪 — Sound UP 🔊 — #MoveAlong #NothinToSeeHere #ButtScratchesAreMyFav #CantStopNowDad #Pawfection #HappyHumpDay

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