04:44 GMT28 May 2020
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    Brothers and sisters are oftentimes quick to seize an opportunity to swipe each other’s stuff. Apparently, animal siblings do so as well, as a canine duo in Canada recently demonstrated.

    Footage shared on Instagram captures Laika, a beautiful Siberian husky gal, relaxing atop her throne inside her residence in Canada’s Québec City; however, as soon as her rope “crown” slides off her head, her brother, Loki, wastes no time and is quick to run up and swipe up her regal accessory. 

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    A post shared by 🐺 Ms. Laika The Husky (@ms._laika_le_husky) on

    The shameless pup quickly walks off with the toy “crown.” Remember: if you snooze, you lose! Poor princess!


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