04:12 GMT30 September 2020
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    Amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, people have had to turn to do-it-yourself maneuvers in an effort to keep themselves well-groomed while salons are closed. With pet groomers being closed as well, this new challenge also applies to our pets, as a well-kept kitty recently demonstrated.

    Footage shared on YouTube by Viral Hog captures a beautiful, gray kitty in Prince Edward Island, Canada, laying atop a couch on a pillow while being “groomed” by a miniature, handheld vacuum. The comfortable feline is visibly pleased by the relaxing cleaning action of the machine, as she comfortably lounges on the pink towel-covered pillow. 

    "This is my cat Charlie, she’s three years old. She loves the shark vacuum,” her owner told the video licensor. “She would do this all day long.”

    What a luxe kitty!


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