17:37 GMT21 September 2020
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    During this COVID-19 pandemic, people’s kindheartedness has been more apparent than ever as they help out those around them. With certain goods being hard to come by these days, a resident of Kalama, Washington, didn’t mind sharing some dinner with a local animal neighbor.

    Footage shared by Viral Hog on YouTube captures an adorable raccoon eating out of the hands of the Washington resident on her porch. Incredibly, the sweet creature isn’t frightened and doesn’t run off as it eats the leftover supper, finally having given its trust to the local.

    In a statement given to the video licensor, the homeowner stated that she has “been feeding the raccoon for months and that he now eats out of her hand every night,” adding that he “enjoys leftover stuffing. His favorite is bread. He also loves chicken, rice, muffins."

    Now that sounds like great quarantine cuisine!


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