02:09 GMT29 May 2020
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    Sometimes we want to be left alone to rest and sleep, and dogs seem to be no different. So what do you do when your owner bothers you as you are trying to do just that? Lovingly fuss at them, of course.

    Sox the husky and his owner, Michael, are currently on a motorcycle trip together in the US to all 50 states and 61 national parks. According to Michael, they have already traveled to 35 national parks and 41 states, covering 90,000 miles. After such extensive travel, the sightseeing pup seems to have wanted some well-earned rest.

    Footage posted to the duo’s Instagram page on Tuesday captures Sox as he is sleeping soundly out on a couch. Slowly, Michael creeps into the frame, attempting to snuggle up with Sox. As he gently lays his head down, the slumbering pup lets out a cute, faint snarl. 

    Hopefully, this sleepyhead gets some shut-eye!


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