22:08 GMT11 July 2020
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    Laundry is a bothersome chore, so what could possibly make it better? Sometimes, help may come from the canine variety, as one ever-so-clever pup demonstrated this week.

    Footage posted to social media captured the moment in which a dog named Jonsi proved just how well he can lend a paw - especially when his owner managed to mistakenly drop clean clothing on the floor.

    Lacking a free hand to grab the garment, the man goes up the stairs and says, “Jonsi, will you grab that sock and bring it up?” Amazingly, Jonsi jumps right up, grabs the sock and brings it straight upstairs. 

    Caught off-guard by the canine’s cooperation, the man later exclaims, “Oh, oh my God he did it!”  

    Now that’s a helpful companion!


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