09:54 GMT26 January 2021
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    Huskies are known for being quirky and extremely intelligent, oftentimes finding unique and funny ways of communicating.

    Mirca, a Siberian husky, has a special way of telling her owner when it is time for her walk. In order to get this point across, Mirca always brings over something specific. 

    In a video posted on their YouTube channel, her owner captures the sweet pup bringing over and squeaking her two designated toys for this significant matter. 

    The owner wrote on the post that it is Mirca’s way of saying, ''Hey, it's a beautiful day, let's go outside and play!'' She “grabs one of her pet toys, either the rubber chicken or the piggy” and uses it to “get your attention,'' the owner went on to say. “I think it's the funniest way to say hey let's go for [a] walk!”

    After communicating, the well-behaved husky lies patiently by the front door. 

    Someone get this good doggo a treat! 


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