09:34 GMT04 July 2020
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    Have you ever just wanted to binge an entire marathon of your favorite show? Well, a cool doggo out in Florida feels the same way.

    Sidney, a six and a half-year-old black tri Australian Shepherd, was recently filmed by her owner watching her favorite TV show. 

    The footage, shared by Viral Hog, captures Sidney enjoying her cinematic experience, then suddenly rushing to grab the remote when she realizes her owner intends to turn off her Mickey Mouse program. The owner, therefore, decides not to change the channel, letting Sidney continue watching. 

    In a statement, Sidney’s owner told the outlet, “She loves to play. In her downtime, she loves watching TV.  She usually watches the Disney Channel and some of her favorite shows are: Mickey Mouse, Jessie, Austin and Ally. She loved the Good Dinosaur. She has seen all of the Descendants movies and loved them all.” 

    You go, girl! No one should let their self-care time be interrupted.


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