09:52 GMT24 June 2021
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    August and Arlo, a pair of dachshunds from the land of Down Under, recently made a not-so-shocking discovery when their digging adventure at a Sunshine Coast beach led them to an angry crustacean.

    Video filmed by beachgoer Jackson MacCue shows the tail-wagging doggos joyfully getting down and dirty in the sand - that is, until their digging skills bring them face-to-face with a certain crabby crab. Disaster strikes for the pair roughly seven seconds into the clip and sends one pooch running scared behind the other.

    Not the sort to stand down, though, both Arlo and August - after regaining their composure - sneak back toward the pincers-wielding crab. It’s unclear who won the beachy standoff, as the video abruptly cuts off as the pups are still mid-dance.

    dog, Australia, beach, crustacean, crab, dachshund
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