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    Deer Smashes US Man’s Glass Door to Pieces

    Welcome Home! Deer Smashes US Man’s Glass Door to Pieces

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    Rhode Island resident John Ross recently came upon quite the surprise when he returned home and discovered that the glass door on his front porch had been smashed to pieces by a large deer.

    “I came home…in the dark…and thought ‘wow…the wife put down a lot of salt’…then I thought someone tried to break in,” Ross wrote in a Facebook post. He later solved the mystery after reviewing the footage recorded by his Nest surveillance camera.

    “Well… my camera picked up the fact that a buck saw its reflection,” he subsequently explained.

    Speaking to local news station NBC 10, Ross noted that the deer also managed to take out a “nice little chunk out of the [wooden] door,” and that the metal portion of the now glassless door was bent “pretty badly.”

    Believing that the deer was set off by his reflection and thought it to be a rival male, Ross said the only lesson to learn from this particular incident is simple - “don’t clean your window.”

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