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    Honda Brake Checking Hummer

    Instant Karma: Here's Why Brake-Checking HUMMER Is Not the Best Idea If You Drive Little Honda

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    Unfortunately, mean behaviour on the road is not uncommon. For example, manoeuvres such as "brake checking" occur when one driver deliberately brakes very hard on another driver that is right behind them. This is done in order to punish the latter, usually for tailgating.

    The characters in this video, drivers of a Honda and a Hummer, respectively, were also involved in a brake checking situation. However, one of them didn't think he would come off the worst in this, for sure. The battle between the two cars started (and obviously instantly finished) on a highway near Waterbury, Connecticut. The Honda decided to punish the Hummer for some unknown reason and brake checked it, but the outcome of Honda's scheme more than likely didn't make the driver happy, as the Hummer was up to the task and smashed into the smaller car several times.


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