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    A Potterhead's Dream Come True: White Eagle-Owl Delivers Mail in Its Beak

    © Photo: Tiny Animals/twitter
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    A lot of eleven-year-olds probably eagerly wait for an owl with a letter from Hogwarts on their birthday. It looks like someone is in luck and will soon embark on the Hogwarts Express.

    If you thought that the 'owl express' didn't exist beyond the world of J. K. Rowling, this video posted by Tiny Animals account on Twitter will prove you wrong.

    The footage shows a white eagle-owl sitting on a window ledge, holding a letter in its beak.

    The girl filming the bird opens the window and accepts her mail, which the owl doesn't seem to let go of so easily.

    After completing its task, the feathered deliverer patiently waits for a reward, but alas none comes, leaving the bird perplexed.

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