08:46 GMT +317 October 2019
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    Army of Cute Baby Ducks Waddle To Pond

    Duckocalypse Begins: Horde of Cute Baby Ducks Invade a Pond

    © Photo: YouTube/ Viral Paws
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    A curious phenomenon happened in South China as a local pond turned almost entirely yellow...and fluffy.

    An army of cute little ducklings has been caught on video rushing towards a pond in the city of Jieyang.

    In a Youtube video posted by Viral Paws, the yellow fluffballs are seen engaging in some tightly-packed swimming in the pond.

    "Wow, it's like a sea of yellow with a couple of punk rock ducklings thrown in!," wrote one of the users in the comment section, evidently pointing out some of the ducklings' black stripes on their yellow heads.

    "I was like.......oh my God....... literally it must be the fluffiest place on Earth," another user commented.

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