22:25 GMT27 May 2020
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    Reptiles can be really harsh when attacking their prey, but they are also always ready to fight each other. Those sharp fangs, leathery scales and monstrous muscles are ready to engage in battle, especially when the stakes are high.

    Who is stronger – a giant snake or a crocodilian? For these two predators from Brazil, it is a serious question – one of life or death. A 29-foot-long anaconda (over 8,5 metres) finally manages to strangle the enemy, but at what cost? Will the snake succeed, or will the caiman bite it to death?


    Missing Something? Traveler Abandons Pet Snake at US Airport Checkpoint (Photo)
    Crocodiles Emerging in Residential Areas of Flood-Hit Indian city as Rain Water Recedes (Video)
    Hungry Snake Trying to Eat Its Own Tail
    anaconda, Crocodile, Reptile, Snake
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