16:06 GMT17 January 2021
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    Match TV correspondent Evgeny Evnevich went live before the football match between PFC CSKA Moscow and FC Akhmat Grozny (3:0) on VEB Arena in Moscow.

    Evnevich was in the middle of his report standing on the football field of the VEB Arena when the lawn sprinkler system at the stadium started working.

    "I'm going to be wet now, cause they've started to water the field. That's why I will try to speak as fast as I can", he said. 

    The sprinklers sprayed the journalist twice, but that didn't prevent him from continuing to talk about the match.

    "I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue my... Nice! Well, I will continue my report. It will be difficult for CSKA to give a strong performance during this match... And I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue talking. Akhmat is also in an interesting position", he continued.

    The journalist’s colleague shared the video on his Twitter account and noted the skills of Evnevich. However, social media users have had a good laugh over the journalist's performance. 


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