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    Alaska’s Calving Spencer Glacier Sends Kayakers Into Rough Waters

    Alaska’s Calving Spencer Glacier Sends Kayakers Into Rough Waters

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    Two pals embracing the beauty offered by the Last Frontier were given an experience to remember after a glacial bridge collapsed, immediately sending the pair of kayakers off into rough waters.

    In a statement to Viral Hog, the filmer indicated that the duo had headed out on a camping trip to explore the wonders provided by Alaska’s Spencer Glacier, and that just after launching onto the water with their kayaks, something wondrous happened.

    “Once we approached the glacier, we started hearing calving not far off,” reads the statement. “So we paddled over to investigate the noise. After determining where the action was happening, we set up right in front of the glacier to watch the show.” 

    Calving is the process of large chunks of ice breaking off of a glacier or another ice structure.

    And quite the show it turned out to be, folks. Just seconds after setting up shop near the glacier, the glacial bridge collapsed, triggering a series of intense waves. Luckily, the daredevils weren’t injured.

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