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    Stubborn Bull Terrier Dog Outsmarts Slow Feed Bowl

    Stubborn Bull Terrier Dog Outsmarts Slow Feed Bowl

    © Screenshot/Viral Hog
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    Sid, a Bull Terrier living his best life in Fargo, North Dakota, recently put his paw down and let his hooman know that her attempts to get him to slow down during feeding times were simply not going to work.

    Rather than following along on the slow feed bowl’s lines, Sid said to hell with it and flipped over the bowl to really get into the chowdown session. 

    “Sid is a rescued Bull Terrier who is completely deaf and completely stubborn,” Sid’s mom told Viral Hog in a statement. “I bought him a slow feed dog bowl because it claims to slow down eating and 'offer enrichment and learning for your dog!' The only thing Sid learned was to flip the bowl into the air and dump his food everywhere."

    Better luck next time, silly hooman!

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