18:59 GMT +322 October 2019
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    Hungry kingsnake

    Hungry Snake Trying to Eat Its Own Tail

    © Facebook/Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary
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    Pennsylvanian Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary posted a video in which a kingsnake had to be saved from eating itself.

    “Jesse saves the hungry kingsnake from herself,” wrote the staff. In the comments, they noted that royal snakes are found in the United States and are known to feed on other snakes. According to them, rattlesnake and copper-headed muzzle insects do not act on individuals of this species.

    “For the first time in 15 years of work, we see a snake trying to swallow itself,” employees of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary emphasised. The post gathered dozens of comments and hundreds of likes. Many users thanked the group administrators for the opportunity to see such an unusual phenomenon. “Incredible! Thank you for sharing! ”- wrote network users.

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