16:48 GMT +318 October 2019
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    Python attacks zookeeper at the Emperor Valley Zoo

    Bad Bite: Hungry Burmese Python Suddenly Attacks Zookeeper in Port of Spain

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    Sometimes even the calmest and slowest of animals can become aggressive and pounce on anything – perhaps if they’re angry, frightened, or just need some food. And reptiles are no exception!

    Tourists at the Emperor Valley Zoo in Trinidad and Tobago have filmed an incident where a zookeeper was attacked by a snake.

    Mustard, an albino Burmese python, was waiting for its lunch – a big and tasty rabbit. Suddenly, however, it instead decided to assault the keeper, who was bringing its meal. The reptile struck in a split second, biting the man on his abdomen and forcing him to leave the enclosure.


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