12:01 GMT14 August 2020
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    Quite the crunchy crawdad!

    An angler from Auburn, California, gave Viral Hog viewers an up-close and personal view of a largemouth bass enjoying a particularly nutritious treat.

    The unidentified fisherman told the outlet that although he was looking to catch fish that day, not all those who bit his line were worth taking home. Rather than simply sending the fish back on its way, the angler is seen dropping a crawdad down the largemouth bass’ throat for its troubles.

    Though the fish commonly feasts on baitfish, professional fisherman Joey Monteleone says on his JacksonKayak blog that the largemouth bass notably loves eating crawdads for their nutritional value. In fact, the fish can gain a pound in mass for every five pounds of crawfish consumed, which is especially useful if someone is trying to capture a particularly hefty trophy fish!


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