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    Hello World! Rescue Facility Welcomes Diamondback Terrapin Hatchling

    Hello World! Rescue Facility Welcomes Diamondback Terrapin Hatchling

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    Let’s hope the hatchling doesn’t think it’s going to grow into a human!

    Back in 2017, a number of Diamondback terrapins were rescued from a “horrid, illegal situation” and given to Garden State Tortoise, a conservation facility in Galloway, New Jersey, according to Viral Hog. Though not all of the terrapins survived the recovery process, two of the females were finally able to lay 15 eggs in Spring 2019.

    Of the 15 eggs, only one turned out to be fertile, resulting in a hatching that was caught on camera several weeks later.

    “This special little turtle is living proof that humans can make a difference even after our own kind has caused such harm to wildlife. We are happy to report that the baby is beautiful, healthy and thriving,” Garden State Tortoise told the video licenser.


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