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    Up You Go! Golden Retriever Puppy Lifted by Balloons (or Not)

    © Photo : retrieverpuppies/instagram
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    If you are going to try and launch your dog into orbit using helium enclosed in plastic, you'll need quite a lof of balloons.

    A golden retriever puppy from Aldeia, the Brazilian state of Pernambuco is unaware it's become famous due to a viral video showing the dog being lifted up by colourful balloons. Though most viewers were too amazed by the video to see the details, more attentive viewers have noticed that the puppy was actually held from behind.

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    OMG!! 😍🤩 @canilaldeiadosgoldens Plz note the pup is held from behind

    Публикация от Golden Retrievers (@retrieverpuppies)


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