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    UK Safari Park Welcomes Penguin Chicks ‘Hotdog’ and ‘Haggis’

    UK Safari Park Welcomes Penguin Chicks ‘Hotdog’ and ‘Haggis’

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    “Hello world!”

    Now old enough to face the world without their overprotective parents worrying, penguin chicks Hotdog and Haggis were introduced to the public by the UK’s West Midland Safari Park on Thursday.

    “All babies born at the Park during 2019 have to have names beginning with the letter ‘H’ and the penguin keepers take the naming strategy one step further, by using a theme too. This year keepers have gone for a food theme and have lovingly named the chicks ‘Hotdog’ and ‘Haggis’” the park’s press release detailed.

    According to the park, Hotdog and Haggis, seven and five weeks old, respectively, are now getting to explore the world outside of their nests in the “Penguin Cove” section of the facility.


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