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    Canadian Motorist Cuts Off Semi-Truck, Receives Full Karma

    Canadian Motorist Cuts Off Semi-Truck, Receives Full Karma

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    A life-saving traffic lesson is definitely better than being flattened.

    One motorist’s less-than-smart lane change ended in both a loss of time and a fine from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal last month.

    While others appear patient amid traffic outside of Canada’s Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel-Bridge, an impatient driver is seen illegally cutting off a truck.

    Like drivers of other larger vehicles, those who operate semi trucks are required to leave a large amount of space in front of them to protect both themselves and other motorists in the event of a potentially fatal, abrupt stop. The impatient driver sought to take advantage of that space, but they apparently didn’t see the police cruiser parked alongside the road.

    The trucker, whose front-facing dash camera recorded the event, can be overheard taking much delight in the violator’s just desserts at the hands (or finger point, rather) of a highway patrol officer.


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