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    Good Boy Balances Five Cups of Water, Walks Beam

    Good Boy Balances Five Cups of Water, Walks Beam

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    Give this pooch all the treats!

    A talented Australian shepherd by the name of Rush is the latest pup to show off his talents on the internet.

    The Rumble Viral video, uploaded Monday, shows Rush patiently holding a board between his teeth to balance four cups of water while the fifth balances behind his nose. Taking his talents a step further, Rush is then seen slowly stepping forward, making sure to hold his beverages steady.

    Though most commenters were impressed by the good boy's balance, YouTuber OmegaMan sarcastically applauded the act, saying, "This talent is so useful in case you need to carry five cups of water for a serving job, but you're a dog, and have to walk a few inches." 


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