11:49 GMT +324 September 2019
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    Uroplatus sikorae

    Make Like a Tree: Gecko Has No Trouble Blending In

    © Photo: jordancadiot/instagram
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    The mossy flat-tailed gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) is one of those animals that you cannot see, but you know that they exist.

    It is almost impossible to discern this inconspicuous lizard sprawling on a tree trunk with the naked eye — its skin looks like moss-covered bark, and its indefinite silhouette and ability to constantly change colour allow it to mimic the hue of the bark that it is resting on.

    Mossy flat-tailed geckos are indigenous to the tropical forests of Madagascar. Their big round eyes, which lack eyelids, are perfectly adapted to their nocturnal lifestyle.

    In this video, see if you can spot this master of disguise.

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