19:47 GMT28 May 2020
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    This hungry reptile took dinner down with one gulp!

    At first glance, the dasypeltis scabra, or egg-eating snake, is a bit spooky, but in reality the terror is merely a toothless, friendly serpent that many herald as the perfect pet — especially for folks afraid of getting bitten.

    This Viral Hog clip, recorded by an owner in College Park, Maryland, features one such ravenous reptile stretching its mouth around a speckled quail egg before swallowing the snack whole and flashing its tongue.

    According to UK website Exotic-Pets, the egg-eating snake can be fed just a few eggs a week or allowed to dine at its own leisure for a couple months before taking food away, simulating the wet season prior to the serpent's usual breeding season. Though the egg lover lacks fangs, the pet site notes that the snake does have projections along its backbone that help "saw and break the eggs."


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