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    No Helmet in Harlem: US Cop Runs Red Light, Crashes Confiscated Dirt Bike

    No Helmet in Harlem: US Cop Runs Red Light, Crashes Confiscated Dirt Bike

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    Don’t try this as a civilian, folks!

    One overzealous NYPD officer's bike ride has gone viral after he not only blew through a stop light, but also put multiple people in danger as he swerved to dodge a car and ultimately crashed in Harlem Sunday evening.

    Despite protocol calling for a transport truck to move the vehicle from the scene to the precinct, the officer chose to operate the dirt bike without a helmet and was later treated at a hospital.

    Ironically, the owner of the now damaged motorbike had been pulled over for riding recklessly, according to police.

    Local news reports say the incident is now under review, but someone will more than likely have to pay for the avoidable damage done to the confiscated bike.


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