02:24 GMT28 January 2020
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    It ain’t easy being cheesy.

    Social media has recently been taken over by countless individuals throwing slices of cheese at the faces of their their dogs, cats and even babies.

    The so-called "cheese challenge" caught on after Twitter user @unclehxlmes, in a since-deleted Twitter video, decided to fling a Kraft single onto his unsuspecting nephew's face.

    With his owner wanting to get in on the silly social media trend, Aries the Australian shepherd is seen frozen in this Viral Hog clip, appearing (rightfully) confused by the entire situation.

    Perhaps the pooch is against processed dairy products?


    Roll ‘Em, Retriever! Golden Pooch Joins in on Family Game Night
    Responsible Pooch Teaches Boxer Puppies to Play Nice
    Pooch Left Frozen as Deer Darts By, Rings Doorbell and Dashes
    Toting Mr. Lazy: Pooch Turns Human Into Noble Steed
    Canine Conspiracy? Pooch Perplexed by Frozen Water
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