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    US Man Shatters Window, Steals Stuffed Mickey Mouse from Piano Shop

    US Man Shatters Window, Steals Stuffed Mickey Mouse from Piano Shop

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    What’s so special about this doll?

    A California piano store was forced to replace their Mickey Mouse "mascot" after the doll was stolen in a February 22 breaking and entering incident.

    Security camera footage from the robbery shows a hooded and masked man throw what appears to be a brick through the storefront window before snatching the stuffed mouse from atop a white baby grand piano.

    "Mickey always received a lot of attention sitting on a piano in the window," Fresno Piano Gallery remarked in their Facebook post.

    According to Storyful, a new Mickey is now occupying the store thanks to a local charity's generosity. Let's just hope the man doesn't return to expand his collection!


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