21:19 GMT26 October 2020
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    As if diving into a freezing lake isn’t dangerous enough!

    Not many netizens are relating to freediver Petr Kapoun's thrill-seeking nature, which drove him to take a swim under the thick frozen surface of Lake Milada in the Czech Republic.

    The Viral Hog footage, which many commenters call "crazy" and a recipe for hypothermia, shows the 54-year-old effortlessly swimming in the frigid lake from one side to the next. Despite having an emergency rope to assist with any possible mishaps, not many netizens seem eager to recreate Kapoun's feat.

    Speaking with Czech publication Sever, Kapoun credits both his diet and dedication to training his psyche through yoga. Safe to say one would need that focus to beat the freezing temperatures in this polar plunge!


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