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    New Year, New Boundaries: Iguana Tussles With Stuffed Animal Over Territory

    New Year, New Boundaries: Iguana Tussles with Stuffed Animal Over Territory

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    This iguana is setting some things straight in the new year!

    One Ontario iguana owner is gonna want to watch their fingers in 2019 after witnessing a vicious territory dispute between Pip, their reptilian pet, and a stuffed doppelgänger.

    The Canadian pet owner tells Viral Hog that they "use the toy as a distraction" for Pip while cleaning its enclosure or "socializing with other iguanas."

    Somewhat recently, an owner-turned-victim in Cape Coral, Florida, experienced the full force of an adult iguana's attack and required immediate medical attention, despite raising the pet from birth. Knowing how vicious the reptiles can be, the footage owner added that they would rather have Pip attack the stuffed animal than end up on the wrong end of his ire himself.


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