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    Hungover? Belgian Beer Burglar Gets Snagged, Pantsed by Fence

    Hungover? Belgian Beer Burglar Gets Snagged, Pantsed by Fence

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    Someone skipped a few courses in their career criminal studies.

    One crook will probably be hanging up his life of crime after Belgium CCTV footage caught the thirsty thief hanging upside down by his feet.

    Throwing a couple crates of bandited brew over the barrier, the ale-loving amateur is then seen getting his pants caught on the fence spikes — twice. To add insult to his inability, the second snag actually gathers the burglar's britches and effectively brings the thievery to a halt "for a few hours," according to Caters Clips.

    The owner of the footage informed Caters Clips that an "unwitting passing car" eventually came to the man's aid and allowed the clumsy criminal to take off on his bike. 


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