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    Windy City Welcome? Chicago Squirrel Gets Up Close & Personal With UPS Man

    Windy City Welcome? Chicago Squirrel Gets Up Close & Personal With UPS Man

    YouTube/Viral Hog
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    Someone must’ve heard he’s carrying packing peanuts!

    With the holiday season being especially stressful for those delivering packages on a strict timetable, recent video from Viral Hog acts as a reminder that a little cheer or a positive attitude can go a long way!

    The front door security footage, recorded December 4, shows a Zappos-toting delivery man waiting for the parcel's owner when all of sudden, an overly-friendly squirrel decided to make its presence known. After pausing a brief second to confirm the mailbox-to-shoulder distance, the rodent took a leap of faith in both its calculations and the human's reaction.

    Surprisingly enough, the UPS courier kept his cool and even cracked a smile when his new friend crawled up his beanie.

    Perhaps the critter is related to UPS' signature Pullman Brown?


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