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    Kitten’s Bedtime Ritual Not Complete Without His Favorite Plushie

    Kitten’s Bedtime Ritual Not Complete Without His Favorite Plushie

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    You’ve heard about a security blanket, but what about a bear?

    Casper the kitten has become an internet sensation after his owner, Marielle Tepe, decided to upload footage of the little one cuddling his favorite teddy.

    The minute-long clip shows Casper wiggling around while Tepe tucks him into bed. Casper is seen kneading the air for a few seconds before his eyes light up and front legs extend for his favorite stuffed toy.

    First uploaded to Facebook, the video eventually made its way to Viral Paws' YouTube page, where it has amassed a whopping 75,000 views in a mere 48 hours! Guess Tepe's #MakeCasperFamous campaign was a success!


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