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    Leopard in a Taxi in Russia

    Big Car for Big Cat: Russian Taxi Driver Gives Leopard a Lift

    © Photo: exp1ose
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    Modern taxi services allow people to carefully choose a driver and also warn drivers about additional baggage, kids or pets. Some options, however, like “bringing a huge predator in the car,” are still unavailable. Perhaps they are still in the works. After all, you never know when you’ll need to have a predator handy.

    A passenger in Yekaterinburg warned one unsuspecting taxi driver that he would be transporting "a big cat," which seems to be innocuous enough, but then added that this was no ordinary cat, but a leopard!

    The driver wasn't scared, he was amused — and who, indeed, could be afraid of such a deadly predator, when it purrs and plays in such a cute way! It seems that the leopard really likes to be in the car, which is definitely good — just imagine what kind of a pet carrier you'd need for this kitty!


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