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    Squishy Kitty? Cat Slips Out Under Door Frame

    Squishy Kitty? Cat Slips Out Under Door Frame

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    Don’t mistake this cat’s fluff for fat!

    While most owners/pet parents would go above and beyond for their cuddly friend, sometimes it's best to check up on how independent they can be when faced with an inconvenient situation.

    Previously a hit on the net, the 21-second YouTube clip from 2014 is making its rounds once again thanks to the blog Laughing Squid.

    Trapped in the dark, the kitten can be seen thinking quick on its paws before using its head as point of comparison. Having slipped its jaw under the frame, the footage shows the cat both rotating and dragging itself out of the gap and back into the bedroom.

    Might wanna sleep with one eye open tonight! 

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