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    Bunnies and Puppy

    Carnivore's Nightmare: When Vegan Friends Invite You for Lunch

    © Photo: loulouminidachshund/instagram
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    Two bunnies are munching on a big juicy cucumber when a pal, a black wiener dog, sits close to them, unable to understand why the animals are hungrily feasting on the green veggie.

    Meat-lovers struggle is real when their close friends are vegans — arriving at their place and ordering vegan pizza to share could be torture when you simply need meat, or even a good succulent steak on a daily basis.

    This dog is lucky that his vegan friends are bunnies, not humans — they won't be able to attempt an awkward conversation every ten minutes about the virtues of vegetarianism and how much energy they actually have after going green.  


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