15:55 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Bendy US Bridge Nearly Buckles Under Bus’ Weight

    Bendy US Bridge Nearly Buckles Under Bus’ Weight

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    Someone call a civil engineer!

    Arkansas' sole suspension bridge open to traffic was working overtime this past weekend after a 35-ton bus made a near-catastrophic crawl across the historic Beaver Bridge.

    In footage recorded by a nearby motorist and uploaded by Viral Hog, the single-lane, 10-ton limit bridge is seen bending under the sheer mass of the negligent bus. Despite the bus being over three times the weight limit, Arkansas Department of Transportation inspected the bridge a couple days later and could find no apparent signs of damage.

    According to local Roger Shoffit, "The problem is that there's over 62 [maximum weight limit] signs between when you get onto our road and when you hit the bridge," which has reportedly experienced a number of overweight loads in recent months.

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