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    Rat Jumps Over Wall At Wrigley Field

    Rat-A-Too-High!: Crowd Cheers Rodent On As It Attempts To Scale Wall at Wrigley

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    A rat who made a series of laborious attempts to jump over the wall during a baseball game at Wrigley Field had actually stolen the show as crowds of the game visitors preferred to watch the amateur rat to the professional performance on the field.

    A new legend has been born in the world of athletics dubbed by admirers the "Wrigley Rat" — after a serious of failed attempts to jump over the wall, the rodent finally succeeded.

    The incident took place during a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

    The audience was immersed in drama, as it carefully observed the rat and shouted encouraging slogans; once the rat succeeded in reaching its seemingly unreachable target, the crowd erupted in applause.


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