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    ‘Dive Buddies’: Wild Grey Seal Pup Embraces Diver

    ‘Dive Buddies’: Wild Grey Seal Pup Embraces Diver

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    Meanwhile, some of us can’t even get a text back.

    Heartwarming footage uploaded by UK doctor and underwater wildlife cameraman Ben Burville shows the diver sharing a loving embrace with a wild grey seal from the North Atlantic Ocean.

    Recounting his experience, Burville advises divers to "not touch marine life" due to the risk of infection from the animals' oral bacteria. In this particular case, the diver claims that not only had he personally encountered this particular pup (out of roughly 5000 in the area) in a previous underwater session, but "10 minutes into this dive the seal made a direct approach and initiated contact."

    In addition to his YouTube page, Burville, who proudly proclaims "no one in the world has spent more time underwater with grey seals," also has a Twitter page that features more adorable moments.

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