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    Where’s the Beef?: Overturned Trailer Releases Cattle Onto US Interstate

    Where’s the Beef?: Overturned Trailer Releases Cattle Onto US Interstate

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    One incident that led to a 13-hour roundup.

    Motorists on Atlanta, Georgia's Interstate 285 — and even Interstate 75 — experienced more than the usual morning rush hour delay after a tractor trailer transporting dozens of cows overturned on a highway cloverleaf Monday.

    Both social media users and local news stations were locked into the bovine breakout's chronology, as everyone from law enforcement and animal control to horseback locals attempted to wrangle the cattle.

    Though an official death toll has yet to be released, early local reports say several cows have been killed throughout the hours-long ordeal. No human deaths have been reported in relation to the incident.

    With searches still active as of 4 p.m. local time, the Georgia Department of Transportation's Twitter page has been providing a series of video updates.

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