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    Amateur Adventurer Seeks Foolish Photo-Op, Barely Avoids Becoming Alligator Food

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    Heeding the sage advice of a friend, a man from somewhere in the US attempts to grab an alligator by the tail, nearly winning himself a Darwin Award.

    In the video, a man in a black T-shirt approaches an alligator from behind and slowly pulls his tail from the shore of a small pond. The man filming the daredevil eggs him on, telling him that the stunt would make a great screenshot and assuring that he would let him know if the reptile was planning to bite him.

    However, the alligator turns around and lunges at the would-be Steve Irwin impersonator, who runs away, later commenting "have you ever seen a fat man run so ****ing fast?" His friend responds by telling him to watch his language.


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