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    Florida Authorities Deploy Drones After US Man’s ‘Roo Gets Loose

    Florida Authorities Deploy Drones After US Man’s ‘Roo Gets Loose

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    Trouble down under in South Florida!

    Residents of Jupiter Farms in Palm Beach County, Florida, are getting buzz in the press and overhead as both local and state troops are working with Florida Fish and Wildlife to locate and tranquilize a runaway kangaroo.

    Five-year-old Storm, who belongs to Eric Westergard, is described as 4 feet tall and a mere 45 pounds. According to Westergard, Storm is very gentle and friendly unless startled. Despite authorities receiving footage of the kangaroo from locals, they have yet to get close enough to tranquilize and return the marsupial.

    Luckily for Westergard, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, somewhat popularly known as Vanilla Ice, reassured him and other kangaroo owners that a kangaroo he once owned (named Bucky Buckaroo) eventually returned home after going on a one-week expedition with a "goat named Poncho."

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