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    Cat Does Hilarious Pirouette Out of Fear

    Accidental Ballerina: Cat Performs Hilarious Pirouette Out of Fear

    © Photo: m_yosry2012/twitter
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    A cat was recorded performing an accidental pirouette and bonking its head after encountering headphones that had been left on the floor.

    As the old saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. The saying actually makes sense, as cats are regularly spotted poking around dangerous places: they get trapped inside washing machines, fridges, unsafe boxes and plastic bags — to name a few.

    However, this time, the cat managed to survive and gained some internet notoriety to boot; his attention was drawn to a harmless headphones that some careless human had left on the floor. Thankfully, the furry amateur acrobat didn't encounter a hot iron or a dangerous electric device. Not a single life out of 9 was lost. 


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