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    Orca Whale Hunting Birds, Luring Them with Fish

    Dinner Invite or Fowl Play?: Blood-Thirsty Orca Hunts Birds Using Fish as Bait

    © Photo: Rustem Adagamov/twitter
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    Killer whales have been given this moniker for a whole host of reasons – and here is one good display of just exactly why. One whale had its portion of perfectly normal fish, but apparently was in the mood for a different kind of meal, so it tried using the fish to lure a more tasty treat.

    It is difficult to say, why the orca had decided to hunt like this. Perhaps it wanted to taste something new, and maybe it was just bored, and hunting seemed like a good idea. Next time those birds will definitely decline such a generous dinner invitation, because it is obvious who will be serving and what will be served.



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