10:57 GMT26 May 2020
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    A part of Ponte Morandi (Morandi Bridge) fell on August 14, with more than 30 cars hurling hundreds of feet to the ground, killing 43 people and injuring another 10, in the incident.

    According to information, which has yet to be confirmed, the bridge was in need of extensive repairs. 

    The issue of timely maintenance of road infrastructure facilities in Western European countries has come to the fore since the Genoa incident.

    A lot of Italian infrastructure was built in the 1960s, which means that much of these areas are approaching or already over 50 years old


    WATCH: New Security Footage Shows Moment of Deadly Genoa Bridge Collapse
    Trump Offers Italy Help in Wake of Deadly Genoa Bridge Collapse - White House
    Genoa Bridge Tragedy: Morandi CEO Apologizes After Viaduct Collapse
    Death Toll From Collapse of Motorway Bridge in Genoa Rises to 43 – Reports
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