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    Now You See It, Now You Don't: Magical Disappearance of Dog’s Owner

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    In this video, a Pekingese dog becomes very surprised by the unexpected disappearance of its owner.

    The name of the breed comes from the city of Beijing. Chinese call them Pekingese Fu dogs. The Pekingese belonged to the family of the Chinese emperor, were kept in the palace and were not accessible to ordinary residents.

    It was believed that these dogs were small perfume-guards, moreover the Pekingese looked more like tiny lions than dogs. There is an ancient Chinese legend about the origin of the Pekingese: according to this legend, the king of animals the lion fell in love with a monkey and took her as his wife; born of this marriage, the cub inherited the amusing appearance of the mother and the proud nature of the father.


    Hahahaha Magic😂😂😜😝😊✌

    Публикация от Moca Pekingese (モカちゃん) (@kawaiimoca1016) 25 Июн 2018 в 5:31 PDT


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