04:10 GMT14 June 2021
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    Show Stopper: Croc Crunches Down on Trainer’s Arm

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    What do you expect once you start rooting around in a crocodile’s mouth?!

    While most wouldn't imagine getting anywhere near the chops of a croc, recent video from Chiang Rai, Thailand, shows anyone considering it why it isn't the best idea.

    Footage begins with Phokkathara Zoo's confident crocodile handler tickling the reptile's mouth before pushing down on its tongue. Moving slowly, the trainer then switches arms and begins moving his fist down the croc's throat.

    As if the throat penetration wasn't enough, the crocodile's scales begin to move as the handler swirls his hand around the reptile's trachea. It's then that the croc, out of frustration, hunger or feeling tickled, chomps down on the handler's arm for a few seconds before setting him free.

    Despite the man fleeing in agony while dripping blood in front of the audience, the crocodile's owner spoke with The Sun to reassure the public that the trainer "was treated at the farm with bandaging. He loves crocodiles, and he will be working again soon in the next two weeks."

    Maybe it's time for an act that doesn't require such invasive tricks?

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